Everything you need to know about peplum clothes

January 21, 2013 Scris de OZ - 4 Comments

Peplum is a trend for more than 2 years, and more important, it will also be important in the fashion industry in 2013. So, if you haven’t bought a dress, a skirt or top with this design detail… you should! But, first of all, you should learn how to wear this trend! Here are a few tips:

clothes with peplum are perfect for girls with no hips. That’s because it gives them the illusion of a perfect body shape, like a hourglass.
– If you have a curvy figure that doesn’t mean you can’t wear peplum! Not at all! That’s the good news! Everyone cand wear it, but in different shape so it would flatter the figures.
– So, if you have big hips you have two options:
*wear a short peplum, that stops just at the middle of your hips.
* wear a long peplum, that covers all your hips, but be careful at it`s volume. It doesn’t have to be big. If you need an exemple, you should watch Kim Kardashian – she is a big fan of peplum!

If you choose this two models of peplum you will avoid putting some extra volume on your hips and you will still be able to enjoy this huge trend!
– The best way to style a peplum top is with a pencil skirt or with shinny jeans or even short pants if you have nice legs. You should choose different colours for your top and bottom to create a color block – the next best trend besides peplum!

– In the case of peplum skirt, you shoud wear it with bodycon tops that follow your body line, and with short jackets, that stop right at your waistline.  Another idea is to wear it with a shirt. Put a big necklace on and you`ll be gorgeous!

– If you want to wear a peplum dress you need to know that it’s easier to style it. If you want to wear it at the office you just have to add a thin belt, a tote bag (Birkin style), and stilettos. If you want to go out in a peplum dress you can add a statement necklace, a clutch and some beautyful pumps.

This are the basic tips you need to know about peplum. Now, you can wear it and enjoy one of the most important trend of this year!